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Blue Velvet Butterfly
  • Storage

    Easily the most important part of keeping your pieces in their best condition, storage can also be the biggest challenge. The more valuable your pieces, the greater the need for good storage. Here are a few things to keep in mind when storing your beautiful finds. 

    • NecklacesChains, cords and light-weight strung items can hang from a carousel in a jewelry box. Try to make sure that your box is lined with anti-tarnish material so that your sterling and copper pieces stay shiny and try not to hang too many pieces on one arm of the carousel.
    • Mid and heavy-weight strung items should always be stored lying flat, as should pieces with a lot of links or rings. It’s very easy to kink the wire that stones are strung on, and hanging almost always increases the risk. Likewise for linked items. It’s just very hard to distribute the weight of the piece evenly and consistently.
    • Pearls should always be stored in a velvet or silk bag and should not touch other stones or metals. They are very easily scratched and nicked and the value of your pearls is diminished if the nacre is damaged. Keep a soft lint-free cloth in the bag and use that to wipe your pearls before you store them. This will help remove the oils and acids that transferred from your skin, as well as lotion, makeup, perfume and airborne pollutants.
    • Omegas and collars also need to be stored flat and a large drawer lined with anti-tarnish material is perfect for this. Don’t have one? Make a space for them in your lingerie drawer. They will thank you by holding their shape!
    • Bracelets, Watches, Cuffs – Usually these pieces do best if housed in drawers where they aren’t crowded up against each other. Watch bezels can scratch easily. If your bracelet is strung, open the clasp and lay flat to avoid creating kinks.
    • Rings – I think it’s always best to store rings in a ring holder if at all possible. They are designed to hold your rings upright, a position that naturally protects the top of the ring from scratching and cradles the metal, protecting it as well. If your ring is too big to fit in the slot, put it into a small velvet or silk bag and place it in a drawer. Small bags are readily available at craft stores or on line and they are inexpensive.  
    • Earrings – Probably the most challenging item to store correctly. Most jewelry box makers think that women have 10 pairs of earrings and the storage for them is usually only a small drawer or two, or you can hang your earrings on the carousel itself. It stands to reason that earrings with hooks or wire should be hung separately so that they don’t bang into each other. Post earrings should lay flat, as should hoops.   

     A final note on drawers and carousels----fashion jewelry that is made of plastic composite and/or cheap metal can be thrown into a drawer. You don’t care about it and you probably won’t wear it more than a season or two. However, jewelry that is made of real stones, real pearls and precious metals is an investment for you that you probably would like to leave as a legacy to a loved one. Or, it’s a treasured gift from someone and you want to keep it as beautiful as you can. Stones differ in hardness and in composition and constantly knocking up against each other can result in scratching, chipping, cracking and actually breaking. So as you lay pieces down, try to keep them from touching too much. Never stack them on top of each other. If you run out of room, try using a shallow box, a plastic container, a shallow dresser drawer. Anything that you can lay your pieces in and keep them protected. Turquoise, opals, coral, shells, wood, mother-of-pearl, pearls, chrysocolla and others are all “soft” and will mar easily. Sterling silver, copper and gold can also be very soft and scratch badly. Use your common sense and if in doubt, over-protect!    

    When you buy a piece from BVBStudios it always comes in a sturdy box with a cotton liner and anti-tarnish paper. It's perfect storage!