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Some women know how to pass the time on a rainy afternoon. Like you, for instance. An hour well spent browsing the glove counter at Goldman’s. The new Cary Grant movie at the little cinema on the corner. A quick peek in your favourite bookstore and then a quiet table at Mimi’s café, where Mimi herself brings your tea and scone. Rain sheets against the plate glass window and Mimi lights the small fire in the grate. A slight rustle as you cross one silken-clad leg over the other draws appreciate looks from the gentleman at the next table, but you barely notice. Between your Earl Grey and your new novel, you wouldn’t notice if Cary Grant himself sat down across from you. Well……you might notice that. This gorgeous piece is composed entirely of sterling silver, 10 mm Brazilian amethyst, and 20mm Grey Mist feldspar. The amethyst is deep purple with cloud formations in white and deep grey. The feldspar is rare and VERY hard to find. Each stone is slightly different with swirls, needles, brushstrokes, and bursts of grey, and an occasional matrix of deep ochre. A clean modern interpretation of a timeless classic line. Necklace is 21” long, clasp to clasp. Earrings are hung on modern U-hooks (which stay put quite nicely, thank you). 3 ¼” drop.

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