Same Necklace, Two Looks, Part I

The best accessories are versatile and flattering. They work with you, rather than you having to accommodate them. That great purse that holds everything you need it to, goes with everything, and slides over your shoulder perfectly. The low-heeled boots that you can’t live without. The pashmina that you grab as you run out the door. 

Jewelry seems to fall into one of two categories for me. The ol’ faithful workhorses that I wear again and again, with almost everything and the ‘special’ pieces that only go with certain outfits. (I also have a third category, tbh. It’s called “Why do I keep thinking I like this?” But that’s another story for another day….) 

So here’s a fun exercise…take a piece that you wouldn’t normally think of as versatile, and put it with a few outfits that you would never of thought of pairing. Maybe you like it. Maybe you hate it. But it will help you to start thinking of that piece in a new way. And don’t be afraid of layering. A choker paired with a few long strands, or a necklace layered under a scarf, can be a great way to add unexpected dimension to an outfit. 

Take a look at lovely Rita, our example piece. 

One could make the case that a very long single strand of amethyst and rose quartz can only be worn with pinks or purples, or can only be paired with a high neckline. But look at how amazing she looks when paired with a casual black tunic, jeans, and black boots. Her clean modern lines play up the classic black-and-denim palette and adds a touch of strong feminine energy to the low rounded neckline. What would be expected is a silver piece or a pendant on a cord. A wrap of pure stone “pearls” is a great way to turn the expected on its ear.


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    Thank you for reading the blog!

    Thank you for reading the blog!

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