But What Will I Wear It With?

But What Will I Wear It With?? 

I hear this more than you might imagine. Often the question is asked when someone is looking at a more dramatic piece, perhaps larger than they’re used to, or made with “funky” ingredients like copper or large centerpieces. Often times the same piece elicits the same reactions from multiple people. Today I’d like to talk about that a bit and show you a couple of ways that statement pieces can be worn easily. 

One rule of thumb that I tend to steer by is -- Keep it simple. If you’re wearing a piece that has multiple strands, lots of elements like colour and texture, or is very dramatic, keeping the background clean and simple will allow the necklace to do the talking. Think about how a gallery displays a beautiful piece of art. White clean walls, minimal competition for the eye, good lighting. How do you do this? 

Take a look at today’s inspiration piece – Gala. She is made from large discs of mother-of-pearl in a deep marine blue interspersed with bursts of pearl and crystal. Pairing her with a soft white blouse and blue jeans downplays her formality and gives her a chance to play. Notice that I didn’t choose a plain white T. Going clean and simple doesn’t have to translate to plain. The peasant blouse has drape and softness and the neckline is the perfect frame for Gala’s exuberance. 

This is a perfect look for sight-seeing, shopping, or brunching. A morning at the farmer’s market followed by lunch with your bestie. A casually elegant look for work at the studio or office. In the evening, as things cool down, a denim jacket or wool pashmina will keep your look fresh and unique. 

Next time we’ll talk about Same necklace/Different looks. 

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