Happy, passionate, detail-oriented, excellent content... blah blah blah...


Here's the thing... you don't need another laundry list of fantastic qualities. Your biggest questions are:

1). What can I do for you?

2). Why should you do business with me?

3). Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

 Look, there are things you're good at, really good at. Focus on those, delegate the rest. Here's what I'm really good at.

I help people navigate new horizons by coaching them thru the fear and into the Joy so that they can embrace change. I am on a mission to rescue people from an apathetic life.

I help people write and edit their work using humor and my ability to stay calm under pressure so that their best work is achieved in a fun, less stress environment. I will work with you to produce your best product!

I have a freaky talent for editing and proofreading and love to help writers, readers, and companies bring their best message to the table.

Details? Deadlines? Always honored and always met.  You are in good hands :)

As to the third question, I have no idea. I'm still working that one out, too.




Melanie Elam
The happiest girl in the world!

Melanie Elam The happiest girl in the world!